Static Displays


Stuart and his team use trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks, amusing and educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved. The show demonstrates how untrained and poorly behaved dogs still have a programmed natural instinct, giving the audience a new understanding of the Way of the Dog.  Dog and Duck website

The Dog and Duck Show will be performing in the main arena at 11.45am and 4.45pm




We encourage people to ask questions and interact with the animals and we can help and educate people who do keep them or are thinking of taking on a tortoise as a pet.

Visitors who are particularly keen and interested, will be allowed to come into the arena to take photos, and get up close and stroke the tortoises, and we just ask those individuals for a small donation for the extra experience. Enter Competition - Guess the weight of Samson, register your guess by leaving a comment on the Hanbury Show facebook page or by sending direct message through Facebook




At least 3 coracles will be on display where the visitor can sit in one and photos taken etc.  The coracle weighs around 30lbs and visitors (if they wish) are allowed to carry the coracle on their backs in the traditional manner. 

Visitors are intrigued by the size and construction of the vessel and once seen many wish to make one and paddle them on water.  





Bryan’s display will include snakes, spiders, insects, meerkats, kune kune pigs, pygmy goats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc, many of which can be touched enabling show visitors the opportunity of a HANDS-ON experience they may not have had before. Bryan is very keen to get children involved in his presentations as he strongly believes that giving children the opportunity to learn about some of these more unusual animals at close quarters will perhaps encourage some of them to become the conservationist’s of the future. All animals are captive bred and are used to being handled in a show environment. Wildlife Displays website





Ferret World Roadshow is a static display of ferrets throught the ages right up to today's pet ferret phenomenon that has swept the country, with a display of equipment and products designed for ferrets. Free information is available in the form of printed sheets, pictures and verbally by our ferret friendly staff on the stand.

Trained ferrets are on display in cages and communal enclosure. Ferret World Roadshow website




There will be a demonstration of stone carving and for ther younger (and bigger) children, there will an opportunity to have a go.

The display also consists of old tools, photographs and worked pieces of stone. Ken Hughes who will be doing the demonstration will be dressed in the period costume of the time.








A friendly Archery Club for all ages and abilities,

Come and have a go.   Redditch & Bromsgrove Company of Archers website





This is where you can learn all about Fly Fishing.

Come and have a go at tying your first Fly or try your hand at casting. 

Worcester Fly Dressers website



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